Geriatric Cognition and Anxiety

“Geriatric Cognitive Change, Anxiety, and Corollary Treatment: A Literary Review”

Author:   Brenna von Hauzen, Converse College

Edited by:  Jacklyn Murphy, Converse College

Over the past century, enormous changes have occurred within the geriatric population and the mental health field of study.  Firstly, the population of geriatric clients has risen significantly, creating a dedicated and specialized field of study within the mental health world.  Secondly, the psychological side effects and symptoms have been reevaluated, reclassified, and identified on a scale relating more to psychological events, rather than in direct relation to a physical event.  Additionally, symptoms and disorders that would not ordinarily fall within the realm of mental health are now being identified and treated by both medical doctors and mental health practitioners. Examples of these unique symptoms and disorders include the rising number of dementia-related medical syndromes, including Alzheimer’s disease.  Therefore, a larger focus has been placed upon the lifelong changes of cognition, and the subsequent effects of these changes.  Additionally, focus is placed upon the frailty of the client, any co-morbid conditions that may occur, and how these change as cognition changes.  The exploration into the topic of cognition and the geriatric world prove to be helpful as mental health professionals look to assist with life-long mental health and wellness. 

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2 thoughts on “Geriatric Cognition and Anxiety

  1. This topic was interesting to me because my parents are in their early seventies, my father experienced a Stroke which affected his ability to speak and my mother seems to suffer for Cognitive Anxiety. Lately, I’ve noticed how her attention to detail when communicating with her, she seems to be forgetting more and is defensive when reminding her of something she forgot.

    • Thank you for reading my paper. Geriatric cognition is an area of interest that I have been exploring throughout my graduate program. Please feel free to share any insights and/or bodies of work you may have with our blog! Also, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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